About Me

Welcome to my web site. I hope you will enjoy learning a little about me and my journey. My name is Nancy Belton, I also go by Nance, and I am a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner trained by the Chi Nei Tsang Institute of Oakland which is directed by Gilles Marin.

I began studying Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) in 2007 with Gilles Marin. Five years before that, my massage therapist, Heidi Gore, studied CNT with Gilles, and I became her guinea pig. I really did/do not have any words to express what was happening to me during the sessions; I just felt a different kind of relaxation than I got from muscle massage, deeper if you will. I also noticed I had places in my belly that were painful. I had no idea why, but as I breathed into them and Heidi held them, they would change. Sometimes I would have a few tears coming out of my eyes, or I would finally release a big sigh, allowing my breath to open up. I had not been walking around feeling pain in my stomach but I was tense and stressed.

I also started to work on myself and noticed places that were completely numb. I was shocked that I had no feeling in certain areas of my belly, on the skin, down deep, anywhere. I did not walk around feeling pain in my stomach, but I was tense and stressed. When time came for me to make other changes in my life, to evolve, I decided to pursue CNT for myself, to keep me in good health. I could see that even if I never offered this form of healing or better health to others, it was a blessing that offered me a way to improve my own health. So I continued with the classes and finally was able to put my analytical mind aside and allow the Chi to flow.

Now five years later, after many, many classes, I feel ready to help others on the journey that has brought me a lot of joy. I am here to enjoy life…and feel that joy. I did not realize how poorly I handled stress, walking around numb for most of my life. CNT has made big changes in my life. I also practice Qi Gong (Chi Kung) daily and realize this is a path that I can walk for life as I continue to evolve.  The more I walk on this beautiful path of Chi Nei Tsang/Chi Kung, the more I learn about myself, my purpose here (to enjoy life), and  living an enriched life. I have three words at this time that seem to add magic to my life: relax – smile – laugh.  Relax my shoulders, face and eyes; smile often and be with others who like to laugh.

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