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Living in Uruguay

I am currently living in Uruguay in South America, below Brazil and above Argentina. It is an adventure, to say the least. Life is simpler, everything takes much more time and of course, the perspective is completely different.

So I am not available for Chi Nei Tsang appointments. There are 2 people in Traverse City, Michigan, that I can recommend.

Owen Adolphsen: 231-883-3126. He see clients at his office in Traverse City.

Jean Greene: 231-620-7288. She is located on the M-22 just north of Greilickville, in the Cedar Cove subdivision.

I hope you will contact one of these practitioners if you and your belly are in need of tender care.

I will post on this website, once again, when I am back in town.

Keep smiling and laughing,




What Dr. Oz has to say about Chi Nei Tsang

Here is a link to the ‘Top Ten Alternative Health Must Haves’ that Dr. Oz recommends. It is showing someone having a Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage while Dr. Oz and Dr. Roberta Lee are talking about the benefits of Chi Nei Tsang.

Check it out. There is a commercial before the presentation comes on. Sorry about that, but I guess this is how it works. Enjoy