Why is Smiling so Important for our Health?

The Inner Smile meditation has become my favorite Qi Gong practice lately. It teaches me to feel so much gratitude for my body for how well it has taken care of me over the years. This meditation has also helped me to smile and laugh more each day. I appreciate that transformation. Read More →

Why Massage the Belly?

Here is a link to an article co-written by Francesca Fasano, a master teacher of Chi Nei Tsang, gentle abdominal massage, that answers that question. Francesca will be in the Traverse City area April 27 thru May 9th teaching 3 different classes about abdominal massage called Chi Nei Tsang. The first class is for those who want to learn to do this on themselves to improve their health and vitality. The second class is the fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang which gives you the knowledge and ability to add this to your practice. The last class is advance techniques that dive deeper into the somato-emotional processing that occurs with Chi Nei Tsang.


What Dr. Oz has to say about Chi Nei Tsang

Here is a link to the ‘Top Ten Alternative Health Must Haves’ that Dr. Oz recommends. It is showing someone having a Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage while Dr. Oz and Dr. Roberta Lee are talking about the benefits of Chi Nei Tsang.

Check it out. There is a commercial before the presentation comes on. Sorry about that, but I guess this is how it works. Enjoy