Chi Nei Tsang is gentle abdominal massage that helps nurture, balance and strengthen our organs. The objective is to help people evolve and heal by listening to their bodies.

Often our organs stagnate and are full of congestion from stress related eating habits, emotions we don’t digest and tensions we hold in our bodies. By working with our breath and bringing our awareness to our organs (lungs, heart, stomach, liver and kidneys), we can listen to our body’s needs to facilitate healing. The body is the best healer and often it just needs us to bring our awareness, listening skills and gentleness to allow it to do its job.


  • 1 hour:  $65 check, cash or Bay Bucks. I don’t accept credit cards.
  • First appointment is 75 to 90 minutes: $80
  • Inquire about introductory price for booking 3 sessions.
  • Bay Bucks (Traverse region local currency) gladly accepted!
  • Call: 231-922-3624 or cell: 805-291-0411

“Even though I can’t pronounce Chi Nei Tsang, I feel it is a very beneficial modality. The work I have done with Nancy has help improve my breathing and sleep. It made me aware of past injuries and trauma that my body was still holding on too and how to release them. I highly recommend this skilled practitioner.”   – Cathy

It is not necessary to undress for this massage, but the belly is exposed as one lies on a warm table. While the practitioner works, all you are asked to do is to breathe and bring your awareness inward so you can become more aware of your organs. Sometimes you may feel some discomfort in your organs, but as you bring your awareness and breath to them, the pain dissolves and more space is created, and relaxation follows. The discomfort you may feel is just the organs letting you know they need your help.

“Most of us have digestive issues of one sort or another. Mine was periodic gallbladder problems with constipation. Being more naturally inclined than most, I have avoided gallbladder and hemorrhoid surgery. But it wasn’t until Nancy showed me how to unwind my belly and then I  began to work with her every two weeks that everything cleared up completely! I can now eat all the fat I want and have regular bowel movements. I am a massage therapist and regularly encourage my clients to try Chi Nei Tsang.”   – Jean

The accomplished Chi Nei Tsang teacher, Gilles Marin, continually says, “Illness is often nothing more than a healthy response to an unhealthy situation.”  Our body is continually helping us become the more fully alive, healthy and radiant person we are meant to be. Often through stress, diet and environmental conditions we don’t see any way to make the changes we need to, so our body gives us a gift of awareness.

People come to a practitioner for help and relief but are also taught how to work on their own belly. Your body is the healer and Chi Nei Tsang is a method you can learn to unwind and release the dis-ease in your own abdomen.

To learn more about Chi Nei Tsang and how it might help you, please contact me at: 231-922-3624 or cell 805-291-0411.

“Having received many types of massages of over the years, I can honestly say that Chi Nei Tsang had more long term benefit than anything else I have ever tried. Not only did my bowel movements improve, I also had better mental clarity, was more relaxed and felt as though a weight had been lifted off my body. By simply working with the stomach, Nancy was able to profoundly help me. I would recommend Chi Nei Tsang to anyone who has any type of digestive disorder, or anybody just going through a hard time in their life.”   – Owen