What is Chi Nei Tsang?

Chi Nei Tsang (chee nate song) can be translated as “unwind the belly” and is a gentle abdominal massage technique that helps to release stress and tension. The objective is to help people grow and change by listening to their bodies.

In every eco-system, each part affects the well being of every other part. This is as true for our planet as it is for our own bodies. Our thoughts and emotions, as well as the stress of modern living, create tensions within our body, and especially within the organs of our abdominal area. That tension builds up within us and causes us mental and emotional discomfort. It can also radiate outward, creating physical problems in various parts of our bodies.

Do you have:

• Trouble with digestion?
• Feeling stressed out?
• Trouble sleeping?
• Emotional energies which are difficult to release?
• Even just a general feeling of malaise?

Chi Nei Tsang gently helps our bodies release the stress in our lives, be it from food, tension or emotions. You can learn how to unwind and release your own abdomen.

Chi Nei Tsang was developed thousands of years ago by Chinese Taoist monks striving to detoxify, strengthen and refine the body to carry the energy to perform the highest levels of spiritual practice. Today we can use it to detoxify and strengthen our bodies, balance emotions and bring self-awareness so we grow to our full potential. The tradition of Chi Nei Tsang was recently (mid-twentieth century) brought out of Thailand to the West. It is a traditional Chinese and Thai healing massage for the internal organs.

The basic life energy that is found in everything is Chi, also called life force, which is fundamental to health, strength and well-being. Chi is defined as ‘energy and information’ which modern physicists say make up the whole universe. It is in everything. Think of walking to a waterfall or lake and feeling a peaceful, calm energy. What you are feeling is the Chi of the place: chi, the energy impregnated with information.

So we use our chi, intrinsic life energy, to vitalize and balance our internal organs, Nei Tsang. We program our personal hardware, our organs, to function with health, strength, balance and joy. Each organ has unique functions, sounds, and emotional energies connected with them. With gentle manipulation the chi flow can increase so the body, our true healer, to function optimally. Chi Nei Tsang is a form of applied Chi Kung (Qi Gong) a practice that helps us be self-sufficient when it comes to our health.

During a session, you will lie on a table, face up, with your clothes on. This work involves gentle abdominal massage for the internal organs. Its purpose is to help your organs function more effectively. I work on the abdominal area, from your hips to your lower ribs. Usually I start with breath awareness to help open the body and then start gently massaging the different organs of the body. There is no right or wrong way to breathe; you just want to become aware of how your are breathing. Then I move on to areas around the navel that correspond to the organs.

Just as our digestive tract helps us get the nourishment from our food and eliminate it, it does the same for our emotions, which are food for our soul. We often hold onto emotions, stress and tension, for very good reasons, until we have the maturity and strength to ‘digest’ them. That form of digestion can happen in different ways: you might feel a sensation move through the nerves of your head, or an emotion brings a tear to your eye, or you have a dream and feel gain some clarity. Once this feeling occurs, digestion has begun. There is not necessarily any ‘story’ attached to the process. Your body is doing its job and changes start to occur. Everyone wants to heal but few want to change. We can’t do one without the other; this is evolution.

Often people feel a deep sense of relaxation or ‘coming home to yourself.’ Your only ‘job’ while on the table is to go within and become aware of yourself, aware of the feelings and sensations within your body.

“Most of us have digestive issues of one sort or another. Mine was periodic gallbladder problems with constipation. Being more naturally inclined than most, I have avoided gallbladder and hemorrhoid surgery. But it wasn’t until Nancy showed me how to unwind my belly and then I began to work with her every two weeks that everything cleared up completely! I can now eat all the fat I want and have regular bowel movements. I am a massage therapist and regularly encourage my clients to try Chi Nei Tsang.” – Jean