Why Would I Want to Unwind My Belly?

Why would I want to Unwind my Belly? Good question. If you are in good health, why would you have a Chi Nei Tsang session? Amazingly enough, many of us who are in good to excellent health are still holding un-digested information/emotions within our organs. We might feel some tension in our neck or shoulders once in a while, or vague feelings or stress. These feelings can sit within us for many years, until our bodies know we are ready to make a change. Our emotions know no time, past or present, so if we regularly work on our own belly or have a session, we are giving the body the strength and support it needs to make the changes necessary to heal. We may no longer even be conscious of them, but they are affecting our overall health. Chi Nei Tsang prevents chronic emotions from becoming serious illnesses.

The Chinese look at health care in a different way than we do in the West. They only pay their doctor if they are healthy. The doctor is there to keep them healthy. So if they get sick, they stop paying their doctor. This in turn, brings everyone’s attention to preventive care. They do not wait for a ‘magic bullet’ to take care of the problem after it is serious. If they have a problem, they bring their attention to it early on when it can be easily taken care of with exercise, massage, emotional awareness, and nutritional or lifestyle changes. An ancient maxim about the wisdom of Qi Gong says it, “…adds not only years to your life, but life to your years.” We all want to be self-sufficient when it comes to our health. With the practice of Qi Gong (Chi Kung), one form of which is Chi Nei Tsang, we become responsible for and able to take care of our own health.

It is understandable that people are hesitant to have someone else touch their stomach. It is a very sensitive and private area. We often are not happy with how our bodies look, especially our stomachs. Many people however, myself included, started to love their bellies after having Chi Nei Tsang sessions. The abdominal area starts to feels so soft that soon you want to touch it, rub it and appreciate it all the more for what it does for us. Every Body is beautiful and we need to not compare ourselves to the Madison Avenue idea of beauty. The more appreciation, gratitude and love we can give ourselves, including our bodies, the healthier we will become. We are all here to enjoy life. If we don’t enjoy being with our selves it will be hard to enjoy life. Part of learning to enjoy ourselves is to be in touch, connected, and listening to our bodies. Our bodies, including our thoughts, emotions and spirit, are a portal to inner growth.

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